A pallet Bumper has a pay back of a few weeks.*

Sustainable Added Value of the pallet Bumper. “Safe & Save”

  • Safe: reduced risk for accidents or unsafe situations that are related to broken pallets, wood debris on the floor or products falling from damaged pallets.
  • Safe: Increases window of working for forklift drivers, reducing the risk of causing impact damages.
  • Save: Reducing damage to palletized goods and pallets. resulting in lower pallet repair costs
  • Save: Reducing damage to palletized goods. Less re-packing cost for goods and packaging that is damaged
  • Save: Reducing transport costs, that are done to compensatie customers for damaged products.
  • Save: Reduction of maintenance costs on forklifts. Damage to the rubber wheels will reduce due to less wood debris, from damaged pallets on the floor.

*Calculated with 3% damage to Pallets, 0,015% damage to Goods on a Pallet and a value on a Pallet of 100 Euros.