Protect your
shipping unit
with the
Kooi Pallet Bumper


Sideboard of pallet damaged, Damaged packaging and wood debris on the floor.

Kantplank gebroken
Broken Sideboard

Be more sustainable with less broken pallets and reduction of damaged goods


6 causes of damage through forklift impact

  1. Forks not leveled
  2. High (time) pressure on the forklift driver
  3. Speed of forklift to high when entering the forks into the pallet
  4. Pallet loads with “overhang” on a pallet
  5. Use of too weak constructed (one way) pallets
  6. Moving pallets with the forklift, when pallets are standing on the floor

An investment in a Kooi-Palletloadprotectors has a very good ROI, a pay-back of a few weeks

Damaged pallets are a safety risk!


YouTube Video of the Kooi-Pallet Bumper & FlatFork

Impact blok stoot tegen klos, en bovendek van pallet
The Impact Block (white block on picture)

Impact Protectors

Kooi Pallet Bumper and Plastic Pallet Dawg

The Forklift Impact Protector (FIP) is mounted in the centre of a forklift carriage. An Impact Block keeps the vertical part of the fork away from the Leader Board and from the Goods that are on the pallet. To prevent damage to the Leader Board.

The Impact Protector can prevent that BigBAGS or Pallet Boxes are damaged by the top of the vertical part of the forks during lifting the pallet with the BigBAG or Pallet Box


Digital Fork Level Indicator

Kooi FlatFORK maakt zichtbaar dat vorken horizontaal zijn

The FlatFork shows to the forklift driver that the forks are in a horizontal position. A green LED-light then is lighting up.

FlatFORK met 3 sterke magneten op de mast geplaatst
FlatFORK with 3 strong magnets fit to the mast