Damage to pallets and damage to goods loaded on pallets is a common problem in warehouses and DC’s. Incorrect use, wear and tear and aging are causes, but a forklift most often causes damage to pallets. The palletBumper and the FlatFork are developed to reduce that damage (collision damage or impact damage).

The palletBumper reduces damage to the side boards of a pallet caused by forklifts by means of an impact block that moves the pressure of the forks away from the side boards to the centre of the pallet, where it is strongest.

The FlatFork is a digital fork level indicator and helps to reduce damage to the side boards of a pallet that is caused by forks not being leveled.

Impact damage costs money. (Not For Resale costs i.e. pallet repair, product damage, product return) and causes an increased risk of injuries, for example people getting hurt from wood splinters or broken parts of a pallet. With a pallet Bumper on your forklift or reachtruck you can reduce costs and improve safety.


pallet bumper

Causes of damage

  • Speed of forklift at moment of impact.
  • Pallet load stands over the pallet edge .
  • Too high working pressure for the forklift driver.
  • Use of (one way) pallets that are too light.
  • Shifting pallets on the ground with the lift truck.
  • Forks not being leveled.


pallet bumper protects europallet


  • The impact block hits the strongest part of the pallet.
  • The pallet Bumper keeps the vertical parts of the forks clear of the pallet and pallet load.
  • The side boards remain intact and the load on the pallet is not damaged.




  • The GREEN LED light indicates to the driver that forks are leveled.
  • The FlatFork is mounted to the mast with strong magnets.
  • Set up and installation fast and easy.
  • Uses standard “D” batteries, LR20 or HR20
  • IP 67

Cost reduction

A palletBumper reduces costs rather quick. A saving of € 15.649 can be reached annually with these company characteristics:

  • % damage to pallets 3%
  • % damage to goods 0,15%
  • Value on a pallet € 500,-
  • Pick up 7 pallets per hour
  • Day shift operation

To calculate the savings in your company by using a palletBumper or FlatFork the “Savings simulation” file can be downloaded. This is an Excel file.

On YouTube is a video to demonstrate the function of the palletBumper and the FlatFork.