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Meijer Handling Solutions

Meijer Handling Solutions is selling the Kooi-Pallet Bumper, Kooi Pallet Dawg and Kooi FlatFork  for Forklift trucks and Reachtrucks from October 2017. Sales area’s are International. (Internet :…/kooi-accessories )


Palletload protectors are in use in various sectors, businesses and industries:

  • Food and Beverage Industry to protect pallets and products on pallets before delivery to the customer.
  • Chemical Industry to protect Raw Materials and finished goods in boxes, BigBAGS and pallets. (Euro-pallets and so called  “Wingpallets”).
  • Farmers to protect Pallet Boxes used for potatoes and unions. (Often the combination of a Pallet Bumper 3A with a FlatFORK)
  • Floral Business. Pallet-wood gets weaker due to high humidity in greenhouses. To prevent damages to pallets.


Two Kooi Pallet Bumpers on one forklift truck


Brands are: Kooi Pallet Bumper, Kooi Pallet Dawg and Kooi FlatFORK.


Installation of the products is not complicaties and can be done by yourself, or done by Meijer Handling Solutions Products are delivered with an Installation Manual.