Your Shipper Unit better Protected against damage from Forklift Impact

Product Range

Plastic Pallet Dawg

Forklift/Reachtruck 3t

Pallet Dawg op vorkenbord
Pallet Dawg on carriage 1,5t forklift truck

Fem / Iso category 2A (3t)

  • Weight 2,5 kg (sturdy plastic)
  • Width 254 mm
  • CE
  • Carriage Height 407 mm

Kooi-Pallet Bumper

Forklift / Reachtruck 3t

Pallet Bumper 2A mounted on a forklift truck

Fem / Iso category 2A and 2B (3t)

  • Weight 11 kg (steel/plastic)
  • Width 226 mm
  • CE
  • Carriage height 407 mm

Kooi-Pallet Bumper

Forklift / Reachtruck 5t

Pallet Bumper 3A on a 4t forklift truck

Fem / Iso categorie 3A en 3B (5t)

  • Weight 13 kg (steel/plastic)
  • Width 256 mm
  • CE
  • Carriage height 508 mm

Fem / Iso categorie 4A (8t)

On request.

The selection sheet helps to define which Pallet Load Protector fits your situation


Forklift / Reachtruck

FlatFORK aan heftruck mast, groene LED brand.
FlatFORK on forklift mast, green LED-Light on

Digital Forklift Level Indicator

  • Weight: 0,75 kg
  • Sturdy Plastic Housing
  • Length: 75 mm
  • Width: 61 mm
  • Height: 164 mm
  • Powered by 2 Batteries (Duration one year)